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John P. Holdren -- Frightening as advisor to USA President -- Paul Ehrlich & Population Reduction

I've spent time going through my old library trying to archive and categorize my work for the past 34 years to facilitate those who might need to retrieve it when and if the same recurring issues again raise their ugly head.  One large book in my library, ECOSCIENCE is a 1,051 page tome by three co-authors:  Paul R. Ehrlich, Anne Ehrlich AND John P. Holdren.  Paul Ehrlich and Anne Ehrlich were well known to me as the Zero Population Growth founder-advocates that they were and are.

John P. Holdren, Presidential Science Advisor

Anne Ehrlich
Paul R. Ehrlich
John P. Holdren was not as familiar to me, but he is now.  He is, ironically, one day younger than me to the day.  I was born on Leap Year Day of 1944.  He came into the world on March 1st, 1944.  I decided to google Holdren and was amazed to learn that he has been prominent in far more than academic/literary circles.  Holdren is, per Google's Wikipedia summary: "the senior advisor to President Barack Obama on science and technology issues through his roles as Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, Director of the White House . . ."

According to the Wikipedia article as it is as of this writing, these were the trio's positions vis a vis population:

Overpopulation was an early concern and interest. In a 1969 article, Holdren and co-author Paul R. Ehrlich argued, "if the population control measures are not initiated immediately, and effectively, all the technology man can bring to bear will not fend off the misery to come."[28] In 1973, Holdren encouraged a decline in fertility to well below replacement in the United States, because "210 million now is too many and 280 million in 2040 is likely to be much too many."[29] In 1977, Paul R. Ehrlich, Anne H. Ehrlich, and Holdren co-authored the textbook Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment; they discussed the possible role of a wide variety of means to address overpopulation. These included some extreme measures, none of which Ehrlichs and Holdren advocated, such as forced sterilization, compulsory abortion, contraceptives in the food and water supply, reproductive licenses, and more.[20][30][31]
The edition I own was copyrighted in 1970, 1973, and 1977.  Curiously, John Holdren is now advising POTUS (President of the United States) on "global warming" and "climate change" issues.

That is every so interesting.  In the 1977 edition which I own, a new potential "ICE AGE" was their then bogeyman.  I'll bet the Ehrlichs and Holdren could in true New Age fashion "recycle" their  1970, 1973, and 1977 editions to Boston, Michigan, and other harsh winters of 2013-14 and 2014-15 survivors.  We could well believe a new "Ice Age" is upon us.  They might have a harder time selling it to California!

I'm finishing a traumatic week -- still working on the HiJacking of Evangelicalism series.

Stay tuned!


Thursday, April 02, 2015

Sleepless in Michigan

It is 5:15 a.m.  I have been up since 4 a.m.  I'm in court for a client in distress at 8:30 a.m., so the chances of more sleep tonight are nil to nada.  I tend to sleep lightly when I know I will have to rise early.  Since I can't sleep, I'm resorting to my alternative remedies of reading and writing.

I'm watching the obscenely repeated news of insults to Christians in Indiana and Arkansas.  For those who think nothing is happening (in apocalyptic terms), I suggest you read your newspapers and listen/watch mainstream news with the prophecies in mind of war against those who "keep the Faith of Jesus and the Commandments of God".  It is becoming increasingly difficult in our Society which is now demanding we abandon biblical precepts and injunctions to "keep the patience of the Saints."  (Revelation 14:12).

I am privileged to know one modern day political martyr to forces demanding we now beatify what for thousands of years was condemned in our society -- "same sex marriage", "civil unions" and public flaunting of unclothed, unmasked sexuality, sometimes even bordering on bestiality.  Her name is Janice Daniels.  She was the mayor of Troy, Michigan until she courageously expressed her traditional Christian beliefs against blatant and open homosexuality on her Facebook page.  LGBT activists loudly howled and then successfully in a well funded effort recalled her as mayor of that important Detroit/Oakland County, Michigan suburb.

Again, as a veteran of the 60's/70's, the years I came fully of age, I must fondly reminisce about my generation, that although having its faults -- still had now largely unfashionable practices of getting married -- man to woman -- and keeping out of wedlock matters "discrete."

Probably that practice of not putting one's sexual business in another's face then wisely called "discretion" is now categorized as "hypocrisy."  Maybe in some senses it was, but it certainly made life much more livable for all. Today, we have an ugly in your face Movement and suddenly First Amendment "freedom of religion" has taken a backseat to forcing people, e.g. judges and magistrates to perform same sex marriages, to perform acts that are directly contradictory to at least the Bible I grew up with.

As unfashionable as it now seems, as I recall Creation, it was "Adam and Eve" NOT "Adam and Steve; nor was it "MADAM AND EVE."

It is now increasingly clear to me that the prophesied war is in full swing progress against believers.  The Scriptures also warned us that "my people perish for lack of knowledge."  Towards that end, I have invited and Janice Daniels has accepted my invitation to be my internet radio guest this Saturday morning at 10 a.m. on the MicroEffect network.  You can join us both live and in the chatroom by going to and/or

I'm still working hard on the Hi-Jacking of Evangelicalism, Part VII article.  I'm currently reading E. Stanley Jones' book, THE CHRIST OF THE AMERICAN ROAD towards that end.  He was part of "the twelve" who along with Glenn Clark, Roland Gammon, Rufus Jones, Abraham (Abram) Vereide and others participated in the annual New Year's Day retreats at Marian Clark's embassy row mansion in Washington, D.C.

Tune in Saturday and please stay tuned!


Monday, March 16, 2015

what björn (farmer) thinks...: Javier Solana now calls for a negotiated settlemen...

what björn (farmer) thinks...: Javier Solana now calls for a negotiated settlemen...: ...the situation in Europe must be bad enough as we see Mr.Solana now popping up suddenly again from behind his veil back to every podium...

Saturday, March 07, 2015


How far can they go?!  As bad as the aggressive LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender) Movement is, things just got far worse.  How would you feel if you were in the process of undressing at your health club and saw somebody clearly opposite sex and genitalia in your locker room while you were in that state?

That just happened to a woman in the usually conservative Michigan city, Midland.  Midland is also the home of Dow Chemical.  According to an article posted on THE BLAZE, Yvette Cormier was shocked to see a man in the local PLANET FITNESS dressing room.  She complained to the management and warned others it was happening.

Was she rewarded for being a good citizen looking out for the safety of women and children using that facility?  NO!  Her membership in PLANET FITNESS was REVOKED for violating their "no judgment policy."

As reported in the Blaze article and to local TV investigative reporters, this was the response of PLANET FITNESS to the woman's well justified fright:

Cormier said that when she complained to the front desk and later corporate, the gym said they embrace whatever sex a person identifies with — which is sometimes not what they were biologically assigned. The woman, however, kept telling other women about the policy.
Cormier ultimately was informed by a gym representative that her membership had been revoked for violating Planet Fitness’ trademark “no judgement” policy.  , , , 
The gym later released a statement saying they are “committed to creating a non-intimidating, welcoming environment for our members.”
“Our gender identity non-discrimination policy states that members and guests may use all gym facilities based on their sincere self-reported gender identity,” the statement said. “The manner in which this member expressed her concerns about the policy exhibited behavior that management at the Midland club deemed inappropriate and disruptive to other members, which is a violation of the membership agreement and as a result her membership was cancelled.” 
 No Judgment?  I think I would never want to belong to a Health Club such as this where some in management evidently have NO SENSE!

Well, my own gym membership - Silver Sneakers now -- is with LA Fitness.  I don't have much gym time, but I guess I will now have to watch carefully.  I might be the next politcally incorrect victim of this aggressive LGBT nonsense.  I wonder -- did any of them ever hear about the 1960's - 1970's virtue called "Discretion" -- not putting your sexual adventures -- whether heterosexual or homosexual in everybody else's face?  We might all get along a lot better if that old virtue were restored and human sensitivies, sensibilities, not mention common decent human morality were respected.

I' still working on Part VII of the HiJacking of Evangelicalism.,  That article will focus in on Glenn Clark, founder of Camps Farthest Out.

Stay tuned.


Friday, February 13, 2015

THE HI-JACKING OF EVANGELICALISM - International Christian Leadership and "The Family"

The Hi-Jacking of Evangelicalism, Part VI
“Christian Fundamentalism” or “New World Religion”?

Last week the annual Prayer Breakfast was held.  The Dalai Lama was there as one of their honored guests.  Was it truly about Jesus or even "evangelizing"?  I submit it was much closer to the agenda of "New World Religion."  I further submit that this network was a substantial part of what New Ager Barbara Marx Hubbard said back in 1988 a few months after coming from the secretive Gold Lake Conference "Bridging Through Christ" was "Now all of the resonating core groups with OUTWARDLY DIFFERENT PURPOSES are merging and blending and coming together to do THE ONE WORK."   Her alliance with long time core group, inner circle Family activist Paul Temple is more than a small factor in my personal determination about these links.

 Writer Jeffrey Sharlet has said much about the alleged “secret fundamentalism” of the Washington headquartered International Christian Leadership operation called by him as “The Family.”  Writer Wayne Madsen has said even more.   Although I might have serious disagreements with the worldviews of both men, I believe Wayne Madsen hit more of the nails accurately on the head as to the true character of the group.  The Washington, D. C. allegedly Christian operation might be fundamentalist something or other, but fundamentalist Christianity as in rigorously adhering to the classic and fundamental tenets of the faith “once delivered to the fathers” it is not.   Perhaps it never was.  There were several in the circle that clearly represented "illuminated interests," including but not limited to Glenn Clark, Rufus Jones, E. Stanley Jones, Frank Laubach, and Roland Gammon.

To understand “the Family” it is necessary to understand its beginnings and collaborations.  As accurately reported by others, these are a few of the preliminary events.

Understanding Frank Buchman and Glenn Clark are essential to understanding more.  To understand Glenn Clark, one must also understand Dr. Alexis Carrel.  Another close friend of all was Norman Grubb.  Norman Grubb’s theology was plainly closer to Gnosticism than orthodox Christian creeds and “Statements of Faith.”.  Glenn Clark’s theology was definitely more akin to New Thought religion (i.e. Unity School of Christianity) than to traditional biblical and evangelical Christianity.  He proudly wrote about the “New Age” (Capital N, Capital A) and the intent that the world should accept it willingly starting in 1946, 35 years before I discovered this network in 1981!

Dr. Alexis Carrel

Dr. Alexis Carrel, was to put it mildly, a “complex individual.”   Intellectually speaking, he was clearly a genius.  He won the Nobel Prize in 1912 for pioneering complicated suture surgery.  Together with close friend aviator Charles Lindbergh, he invented the perfusion pump necessary for decades of heart surgeries.  He was also and unfortunately, a dedicated eugenicist. 

Marian Johnson and her  “checked guidance”

Marian Johnson was an extremely wealthy socialite who had lived well on both sides of the Atlantic.  She was associated with royal circles in England.  Her mother Mrs. Charles Frederick Hoffman was prominent in New York, Newport, and English society.  She married Aymar Johnson and they enjoyed a socialite life which included sailing in their yacht, “The Enchantress.”  Per Norman Grubb, “life had no real meaning for her until she met Sam Shoemaker.”  She probably had legitimate access to New York Episcopalian Circles.  Her father, Charles Frederick Hoffman, was active in New York City Episcopalian circles.  He may have even pastored himself.  He was the treasurer of the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in New York City.  Sam Shoemaker, an Episcopalian clergyman there who was a literal acolyte to Frank Buchman for many years, pastored  another Episcopal Church in New York.

Marian Johnson was told of  Abraham Vereide in New York by Sam Shoemaker.  In January 1944, approximately 1 ½ to 2 months before I entered the world on Leap Year Day, 1944, Abraham Vereide rang her doorbell saying that Sam Shoemaker asked him to call on her. [1](Grubb, 1961, p. 79; Grubb, 1961)

Mrs. Marian Johnson, the former Miss Marian Hoffman, became Abram’s chief financial backer.  Per Norman Grubb, “he took over from her the idea of a vital center in Washington for international fellowship and dispensing hospitality for God to government leaders.” (Grubb, 1961, p. 80)

This was the start of “International Christian Leadership.”   Was there more?  The presence on the board of ICL of men such as Roland Gammon clearly suggests there was.   It is not presumptuous to say that the New Year’s Day retreats were closer to intentional meetings of what could even be called “Illuminati.”  For more on this we shall carefully in the next article examine Dr. Glenn Clark’s book, THE MAN WHO TAPPED THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE as well as “The Twelve” who gathered at Marian Johnson’s home every New Year’s Day.

[1] There are many sources I have collected and researched on this.  A most important reference is MODERN VIKING:  THE STORY OF ABRAHAM VEREIDE, PIONEER IN CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP by Norman Grubb.  Extensive references to Mrs. Aymar Johnson are included  in his chapter, “God-Guided Contacts.”  I have accumulated a library on several of “The Twelve” and their obvious high-level mysticism, including but not limited to Rufus Jones, E. Stanley Jones, Frank Laubach, and Glenn Clark.  Roland Gammon was proudly affiliated in a leadership position with International Christian Leadership.  His book NIRVANA NOW is one of the most gossipy accounts of New Age activism, including Lucis Trust, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and the Temple of Understanding, I have found anywhere.  That book was one of my original acquisitions on the New Age Movement shortly after I learned of its existence in 1981.  If there was an innocent individual in this crowd, it may have been Sam Shoemaker.  My jury is still out on him.  I have read his wife's biography and from that reading, it appears that he had honest Christian motivation and had broken with Buchman and his Moral Rearmament Movement during the war years.  However, another organization that Sam Shoemaker was instrumental in finding, Faith at Work, has been clearly compromised over the years which will be the subject of another posting.

Monday, January 12, 2015

So much happening that it's hard to summarize everything of concern!

Jesus told his disciples that the end would come as a flood.  He also analogized it to birth pangs.  They were warned that "in such a moment as ye think not" it could come in an admonition to stay always ready.  He also made references to Sodom and Gomorrah and the suddenness in which it hit that culture.

The birth pangs are especially interesting.  They increase in intensity, coming closer and closer together as they strengthen.

Developments of the last few years have certainly proved interesting.  An anti-New Age Pope Benedict XVI (formerly Cardinal Ratzinger) made an unprecedented retirement.  He was replaced with Argentina's Cardinal Bergoglio.  Liberal Catholic author Robert Blair Kaiser had Bergoglio on his short list of "pro-change" Popes.  Ratzinger had been on his list of "no-change" Popes.

Today, per news reports, Pope Francis has blamed the ISIS-Al Qaeda violence on deviant fundamentalist religion.  He also expressed hopes that 2015 would bring about progress toward a "climate change agreement."

As bad as the violence both past and threatened are, I cannot help but wonder if this is setting the stage for  renewed and accelerated "New World Religion" calls.  Rich of Medford has written guest columns for us on the past on the United Nations "Alliance of Civilization."  They have a global conference set for this May 18-19, 2015 to be held in Indonesia.  It will have an old, familiar New Age theme:  Unity and Diversity" with the same buzzwords I viewed when first discovering the Movement's existence in 1981:  UNITY AND DIVERSITY because "we live in a GLOBAL VILLAGE".

There will be many attempts to force compromise in a new global pantheon.  Simultaneously, I foresee many attempts to play the old time honored games of "Watch the Fundamentalists Run" in an attempt to use as Exhibit 1 of claimed hysteria provoking excesses from more easily panicked members of the Christian Community into creating a legal and moral justification for the long claimed New Age religious goal where all would say, "Blessed be THY God" rather than "Blessed be MY God."  In the best Karen Armstrong advocated position, they would have us bow to each other's gods in the New Age pantheon as a condition of being deserving to live in the New World Order.

Of course, the "Internet of Everything" for which drums are also now furiously beat would help keep tabs -- not to mention the drones.

The Christian community, particularly the Evangelical Christian community has been sold out for a long time.  Glenn Clark founder of Camps Farthest Out wrote glowingly of the New Age in a book he wrote during World War II.  Glenn Clark was a spiritual director to Mrs. Aymar Johnson (Marian Johnson) who held yearly New Years' Day retreats for "The Twelve."  It now appears very clear from my recent intense reseach which I've been discussing at length on my Saturday morning internet program that "The Twelve" were Christian in name only -- their roster was a panel of nearly all mystics and part of the gang was Roland Gammon.  Marian Clark checked her "guidance" to take a large home on Embassy Row in Washington, D.C. to be "God's Living Room".  This was where Abraham ("Abram") Vereide got his start.  Both Harald Bredesen and Doug Coe successively worked for Abram Vereide.  Paul Nathaniel Temple, the co-founder and chief financial benefactor of Institute for Noetic Sciences, was part of the core group of that organization since 1944.  Although he is now in his 90s, he still writes very large checks annually for both Fellowship Foundation (C Street Group) as well as his Institute of Noetic Sciences.  I suspect they will play no small role to help "swing the masses into step" as Alice Bailey happily put it in her book, THE EXTERNALISATION OF THE HIERARCHY.  (pages 502-503)

At any rate, much is on my mind and it is difficult to summarize.  I've long delayed my finishing of my series on "The HiJacking of Evangelicalism" both here and on NewswithViews.  I'm now close to completion.  I have recently obtained Glenn Clark's autobiography, A Man's Reach, which confirmed many of my suspicions concerning the origin of the Washington group which was discussed by mystical enough Norman Grubb in his biographical book about Abraham Vereide:  "Modern Viking."  When thoroughly analyzed, one cannot help but think that this group of 12 at least perceived of themselves as "illuminati,"  After reading Clark's THE MAN WHO TAPPED THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE, I don't know what else to believe.  Clark was summoned by eugenist/physician Alexis Carrel to help him find a man who was fully cosmically attuned.  Clark believed he had found them in some of the men that were part of their group of 12 meeting at Marian Johnson's Washington mansion (e.g. Rufus Jones, E. Stanley Jones, and Frank Laubach).  His book was about another he claimed to have discovered,

Thanks for sticking around.  I do the radio program every Saturday morning, 10 a.m. Eastern Time.  I share tremendous amounts of information there during the two hours of programming.  Consider tuning in there as well as staying tuned here.

Happy New Year to all!


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry and Blessed Christmas to All!

It doesn't exactly capture the Middle East, but it is a lovely and reverent Czechoslovakian creche display that does encapsulate proper reverence for the reason for our season.  Merry Christmas to all and consider visiting the website providing this lovely Christmas art work.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Anti-Christian terrorism by Indian Hindu forces

According to a story appearing this morning in the WASHINGTON POST, Christians in India are undergoing severe trials.  Churches have been burnt, forced and bribed conversions are being attempted by Hindu nationalists.  That account suggests the persecution may have the Indian prime minister's blessings.  However, another recent story suggests Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered the campaign against Christians to be called off.  Which is true, I do not currently know.  Today's Washington Post article is later in time.

 . . . His [Ajay Joseph, 39, a Christian lab technician] fears echo those of other religious minorities in majority-Hindu India, where some Christians and Muslims worry that incidents of religious tolerance will rise with the advent of a conservative government led by Narendra Modi, himself a fervent Hindu nationalist. In recent days, carolers have been beaten in the southern city of Hyderabad, and a Catholic church in New Delhi burned in a suspected case of arson. A conservative Hindu group said Wednesday that another mass “conversion” event would be held in February.
For several days this month, India’s secular Parliament repeatedly lapsed into chaos as members debated religious conversions and a plan that would have kept students in school on Christmas, normally a holiday, and designate Dec. 25 “Good Governance Day.” The country’s foreign minister also called for designating the sacred Hindu text the Bhagavad Gita the “national scripture.”
“They are feeling nobody can do anything to them because of Narendra Modi,” said Yusuf Dass, a pastor at Central Methodist Church in Aligarh  , , ,
Further, according to the story, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has a history of failing to stop violence against Christians and Muslims:

 India’s 64-year-old prime minister has a troubling history of religious intolerance, opponents say. In 2005, while he was chief minister in the state of Gujarat, the United States revoked Modi’s U.S. visa on the grounds that he had committed “severe violations of religious freedom” by not acting to stop Hindu-Muslim riots in Gujarat in 2002.


These are all intensely disturbing developments.  Further, I cannot help but wonder if they are developments that will be used to help justify a forced New World Religion -- a long time goal of New Age planners that I encapsulated in my 1983 book THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW.    

These are trying times for the faithful to be sure.  We must remember Jesus Christ's injunction:  Be ye faithful unto death and I will give you a crown of life.

May God be with the Indian Christians and all who are facing persecution world wide for keeping the faith.

Stay tuned!


Tuesday, December 02, 2014


UPDATE:  Even earlier than Solana's Novenber 29th article, the White House issued a statement on November 11, 2011 praising the Global Infrastructure Initiative   You may read it by clicking on this tinyurl link

Did you know there is now a new global governance type initiative?  It is called the GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE INITIATVE?  Javier Solana reported as a global sign of hope in his November 29th Project Syndicate article.  The link supplied in his article is bad, but here is a good link to that Initiative.  The project is projecting a required investment of $3 Trillion US dollars equivalent ANNUALLY.  Query, how will that amount, should their initiative be "successful" be raised?  Do you see any way out besides a global tax?  I don't!

The leadership looks like a combination of governmental and big business allies.  They undoubtedly had a lovely meeting in a posh Rio de Janeiro setting last May, 2014.  The event was "by invitation only."  GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE INITIATIVE

According to Javier Solana, the GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE INITIATIVE will "will create a Global Infrastructure Hub to serve as a knowledge-sharing platform for governments, the private sector, development banks, and international organizations. . . ."

McKinsey & Company, the consultant/organizer, of the event is a player in another "globalization" scheme:  "the internet of things."  In 2010 their Quarterly publication posited the advantages of accelerated interconnectedness:

The Internet of Things
 More objects are becoming embedded with sensors and gaining the ability to communicate. The resulting information networks promise to create new business models, improve business processes, and reduce costs and risks.
March 2010 | byMichael Chui, Markus Löffler, and Roger RobertsIn most organizations, information travels along familiar routes. Proprietary information is lodged in databases and analyzed in reports and then rises up the management chain. Information also originates externally—gathered from public sources, harvested from the Internet, or purchased from information suppliers.
But the predictable pathways of information are changing: the physical world itself is becoming a type of information system. In what’s called the Internet of Things, sensors and actuators embedded in physical objects—from roadways to pacemakers—are linked through wired and wireless networks, often using the same Internet Protocol (IP) that connects the Internet. These networks churn out huge volumes of data that flow to computers for analysis. When objects can both sense the environment and communicate, they become tools for understanding complexity and responding to it swiftly. What’s revolutionary in all this is that these physical information systems are now beginning to be deployed, and some of them even work largely without human intervention.
Pill-shaped microcameras already traverse the human digestive tract and send back thousands of images to pinpoint sources of illness. Precision farming equipment with wireless links to data collected from remote satellites and ground sensors can take into account crop conditions and adjust the way each individual part of a field is farmed—for instance, by spreading extra fertilizer on areas that need more nutrients. Billboards in Japan peer back at passersby, assessing how they fit consumer profiles, and instantly change displayed messages based on those assessments.
McKinsey & Company get around.  According to Huffington Post, even the Vatican has engaged them as a consultant.

Cognizant Reports has issued an on line available report on the "Internet of Things".  You may obtain it from clicking here.

McKinsey & Company claims an alumni of upwards of 30,000 networked throughout the world.  Not bad for a company started by accountants in Chicago, Illinois in 1926 -- at the time that the world was being prepared for a "messianic" figure named Jiddhu Krishnamurti -- a dream that did not pan out for the Theosophists and their fellow travelers.  I do not yet know for certain if there were connections between the various occult networks and this firm, but I do know that many of their aims, proposed methods, and aspirations are the same.  McKinsey & Company is BIG and as their website proudly proclaims:

When James O. McKinsey founded McKinsey in 1926, he could not have imagined the reach his small firm would eventually have. Eighty-five years later, the firm has grown into a global partnership serving two-thirdof the Fortune 1000.
According to a Wikipedia article on the business, it has a highly secretive culture that is "almost like a religion" among its members and adherents:

A 1993 profile story in Fortune Magazine said McKinsey & Company was “the most well-known, most secretive, most high-priced, most prestigious, most consistently successful, most envied, most trusted, most disliked management consulting firm on earth.”[20] According to BusinessWeek the firm is "ridiculed, reviled, or revered depending on one's perspective."[68]McKinsey's culture has often been compared to religion, because of the influence, loyalty and zeal of its members.[56][62] Fortune Magazine said partners talk to each other with "a sense of personal affection and admiration."[20] An article in The News Observer said McKinsey's internal culture was "collegiate and ruthlessly competitive" and is sometimes described as arrogant.[55] The Wall Street Journal said McKinsey is seen as “elite, loyal and secretive.”[58] According to Reuters it has a "button-down culture" focused on “playing by the rules”.[69] According to BusinessWeek, “some observers” say that McKinsey has started to lose touch with its founding principles and become less personal as its size has increased.[44] The Guardian said at McKinsey “hours are long, expectations high and failure not acceptable.”[65] Fortune and USA Today both noted that the majority of McKinsey's consultants are white men.[20][63]

Well, I've just learned and plan to study more about this significant globalization initiative which might well ultimately affect both our pocketbooks and freedoms.   It decidedly is "on the move" while we seem to focus on "news" more often bordering on soap operas.  I'm keeping a wary eye on it.  You should too.

Stay tuned!


Monday, October 27, 2014

April 1981 New Age Journal Ad re "Maitreya" -- "adult man in modern city" then

Rummaging through my 33 year collection of New Age Journals, some preceding my discovery of the New Age Movement which I purchased at local New Age outlets, I found the following.  Mr. Creme then claimed that the figure he was promoting was a fully adult man living in a modern city in the world.  He did not out with his London story until five days after our first radio debate in May, 1981.  At that time, Mr. Creme was more than startled that I had rightfully tied him to the larger New Age Movement.  I have been reviewing my library and duplicate papers that were returned to me from University of Michigan, Bentley Historical Library reviewing and archiving of same.  I had not seen these earlier ads which predated my discovery of Benjamin Creme and his mission, but I have reproduced three of several ads in my collection of New Age Journals.  A variety of ads announcing the various speaking engagements Mr. Creme would be undertaking were listed on this ad.  One of them was even in my home town of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  This was prior to my hearing Benjamin Creme speak in Detroit on November 4, 1981.  I thought you might find it interesting, and this should serve to exonerate the young Pakistani man. RAJ PATEL, that many think was Creme's candidate.  Raj Patel would have been a 9 year old child in 1981 -- not a "mature adult." 

New Age Journal, April 1981

New Age Journal, October 1981

New Age Journal December 1981
Thought you might find this interesting.  Stay tuned!


Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Openly gay Houston Mayor Anise Parker demands Ministers turn over Sermons to scrutinize for anti-homosexuality content

Just when you thought things couldn't get much worse, now they have.  The openly lesbian mayor of Houston, Texas, Anise Parker, has issued a subpoena demanding that local pastors turn over their sermons to her.  This is nothing short but an abuse of power -- her power as mayor, the power to use the subpoena process system -- not to mention the clear and unambiguous provisions of the United States Constitution relating to cherished freedoms of speech and religion.

You may read the Fox news account by clicking here:

It's open season on us now.  Now is the  time for the ACLU to prove it is really for free speech and religion and step up to the plate to challenge this!  Let's see what they do!

Stay tuned!


Monday, September 29, 2014


Dr. Stanley Monteith:  1929-2014

I received this sad news from one of our forum [aka "Comments"] participants:  Dr. Stanley Monteith, M.D, a very dear personal friend departed this earth for what I'm sure is a far better place.  Dr. Stanley Monteith (an orthopedic surgeon) lived from February 16, 1929 to September 29th, 2014.  He did his last radio interview with me on August 29th.  That was on his Liberty Broadcasting Network and he promised to reciprocate by coming on my own Saturday morning program "My Perspective" [TheMicroeffect.Com]   Obviously that promised interview is not going to happen.  About a year ago I did a detailed long interview of Dr. Monteith on my program and he shared much of his life story with us.  I'm going to ask Joe McNeill to search his archives for it.  We will all miss Dr. Monteith very much, but we rejoice that God gave us his company for the 85 years he was here.  Rest in peace!


The First Detroit EntheogenicConference website image

Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the Detroit waters, this pops up:

Detroit Entheogenic Conference?  And where else?  At the Unitarian Church in the heart of the Wayne State University area in Detroit.  Now, it appears that this conference, from its advance publicity might be seeking to advance Constitutional rights to use mind-altering substances, such as those Marilyn Ferguson bragged in THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY, were "a pass to Xanadu."

A friendly word to the "initiated" -- translate XANADU = HELL.  That indeed is what they are  -- as pass to Hell -- both in the here and in the hereafter!

Quoting Terrence McKenna, one of the long time New Agers I have kept files on:  "If the words 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' don't include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isn't worth the hemp it was written on."

From the blog of the Metro Times, Detroit's local counter-cultural paper, we read this about what's coming to Detroit in early November:

For the uninitiated, all things "entheogenic" relate to the use of mind-altering substances in a religious context. The people really into entheogenic substances argue (convincingly, we may add) that humans have been using psychoactive chemicals in rituals for many thousands of years, and that they aid in raising consciousness, transcendental meditation, and vision quests, giving a booster shot to man's search for meaning.
That's certainly what will be up for discussion at this year's inaugural Detroit Entheogenic Conference. There are several such events across the country every year, where presenters discuss such substances as ibogaine, peyote, psilocybin mushrooms, and ayahuasca, and their use for everything from a trip to cloud nine to treating alcoholism. You get the sense that people into this sort of stuff fancy themselves descendants of the ancient apothecary or shaman, the spiritual doctor who uses the magic of the herbal world to heal the body and the mind.
And they wouldn't probably be far from the truth.  . . ."
All things altered-state are the modus operandi and substance of the New Age Movement.  1960's Harvard Professor turned New Age LSD advocate Timothy Leary infamously passed LSD out as a "sacrament."  Many USA theological students went along with his game.

Marilyn Ferguson, a New Age particiant-observer wrote this in her THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY about the important role drugs played as an entry point to New Age "consciousness":

The first stage is preliminary, almost happenstance: an eutry
point. In most cases, the entry point can only be identified in
retrospect. Entry can be triggered by anything that shakes up
the old understanding of the world, the old priorities. Sometimes
it IS a token investment, made out of boredom, curiosity,
or desperation-a ten-dollar book, a hundred-dollar mantra, a
university extension course.
For a great many, the trigger has been a spontaneous mystical
or psychic experience, as hard to explain as it is to deny. Or
the intense alternative reality generated by a psychedelic drug.
It is impossible to overestimate the historic role of psychedelics
as an entry point drawing people into other transformative
technologies. For tens of thousands of "left-brained" engineers,
chemists, psychologists, and medical students who
never before understood their more spontaneous, imaginative
right-brained brethren, the drugs were a pass to Xanadu, especially
in the 1960s.
The changes in brain chemistry triggered by psychedelics
cause the familiar world to metamorphose. It gives way to
rapid imagery, unaccustomed depths of visual perception and
hearing, a flood of "new'' knowledge that seems at once very
old, a poignant primal memory. Unlike the mental states produced
by dreaming or drinking, psychedelic awareness is not
fuzzy but many times more intense than normal waking consciousness.
Only through this intensely altered state did some
become fully aware of the role of consciousness in creating their
everyday reality.[1]
Sadly, one cannot help but wonder how many of Detroit's present woes were caused by the 1968 and beyond New Age drug related "pass to Xanadu"?  The last thing we need as our region recovers is "more of the same"!

Stay tuned!


[1]Ferguson, Marilyn.  THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY, Tarcher Press, 1980, page 89.

consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isn't worth the hemp it was written on. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Federica Mogherini - New European Union "High Representative for the CFSP"

UPDATE:  I'm learning more about Ms. Mogherini and some of it I"ll freely confess that I like.  She was recruited into Prime Minister Renzi's government after she posted a "sharp-tongued" tweet about him.  Rather than being threatened, he made her part of his government.  That Renzi was able to take constructive criticism says something for him.  Next and very big to me were the steps she took to help rescue a Christian -- Mariam Ibrahim -- under persecution -- a death sentence for her Christianity in the Sudan.  As Foreign Ministser of Italy, Ms. Mogherini worked for her release.  I am touched by the picture of her holding Ms. Ibrahim's young son, one of two born while she was held in cruel confinement for her Christianity.

This is from a Yahoo news "slideshow":

 The European Union has named a new face to replace Catherine Ashton for the job originally created by and for Javier Solana.  Her name is Federica Mogherin:  High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy.  She is a relatively young woman (41), well schooled in political science and political experience.  Her experience appears to come from the far left wing of politics.  She was formerly a member of Italy's  Italian Communist Youth Federation.  The Wikipedia reference can be accessed by clicking here.  Unlike Catherine Ashton who came inexperienced to the job, Ms. Mogherini has served for the past 7 months as Italy's Foreign Minister.

According to Wikipedia:

A member of the Italian Communist Youth Federation from 1988, in 1996 she joined the Youth Left after the dissolution of the Italian Communist Party and its transformation into a social-democratic party. In 2001 she joined the National Council of the Democrats of the Left (DS), and then in the National Executive Board and the Political Committee. In 2003 she started working at the DS's Foreign Affairs Department, where she was given responsibility for relations with international movements and parties, and later became the coordinator of the Department; finally, she was given responsibility for Foreign Affairs and International Relations in the staff of Piero Fassino, the party chairman. During this time, she took care of matters relating to IraqAfghanistan, and the peace process in Middle East. She maintained relations with the Party of European Socialists, the Socialist International, and their member parties.Moreover, she was in charge of relations with the USDemocratic Party.

Her goal is to end the Ukrainian crisis by re-establishing relations between Russia and the Ukraine, per the Wikipedia source.  According to observer, writer Joaquin Roy, she has both critics and challenges:

For her part, Mogherini will have to face traditional problems and new challenges. The establishment already mistrusts her because of her age. She will find little support from a group of people, most of whom could be her parents.
On the Commission, where she is vice president, she will hardly be comforted by the handful of women Juncker manages to recruit. On the Council she will have the support of only four ladies, led by Angela Merkel, in a boardroom full of boring men in dark suits and dreadful ties, each of them obsessed with managing foreign policy on their own terms and at their own risk.
The worst of the bad omens for the appointment is the suspicion that the EU’s hard core does not believe the position of High Representative to be important, given that the main security and defence competences remain in the national domains.
Mogherini’s second challenge, like that of her predecessor Catherine Ashton of the United Kingdom, is to cope with the enduring imprint of the founder of the position, Javier Solana of Spain.
She looks like an intriguing new figure on the international scene.  This should be interesting to watch.

Stay tuned!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014



WASHINGTON POST article evening of August 27, 2014

From the Washington Post article for which I just received a Google News Alert, we read:

“Instead of relying only on medication, we envision a closed-loop system that would work in concept like a tiny, intelligent pacemaker,” said Doug Weber, the program’s MANAGER. “It would continually assess conditions and provide stimulus patterns tailored to help maintain healthy organ function, helping patients get healthy and stay healthy using their body’s own systems.”Obama did not reference the new program directly in his speech Tuesday at the American Legion national convention in Charlotte, N.C.  In a joint fact sheet released by the Pentagon and the Department of Veterans Affairs, however, the agencies said DARPA will start a new $78.9 million, five-year research program “to develop new, minimally invasive neurotechnologies that will increase the ability of the body and brain to induce healing.” It’s part of the Obama administration’s larger “BRAIN Initiative,” which involves the National Institutes of HEALTH, DARPA, the National Science Foundation and the Food and Drug Administration, among other organizations.Officials say the BRAIN Initiative — which stands for Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies — includes a related DARPA effort to build new brain chips that will be able to predict moods to help TREAT post-traumatic stress. It’s known as the SUBNETS program, short for Systems-Based Neurotechnology for EMERGING Therapies. Teams at both the University of California, San Francisco, and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston are involved.The major hurdle for the ElectRX program may be shrinking the technology needed so that it can be used in the body. IMPLANTABLE devices already are in use to fight inflammatory diseases and other health problems, but most are about the size of a deck of cards, requiring surgical implantation that can result in side effects, DARPA officials said. They want “ultraminiaturized devices” that would could be inserted through needle injection or other less invasive means.
On the up side, however, in the same set of evening headlines, I see that Louisiana Governor Jindal has sued over the Common Core Standards.

Stay alert and stay tuned!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Who is "Queeny Cameron"? Her lies are outstandingly extravagant -- but funny!

UPDATE:  I'm continuously updating this breaking story, so refresh your browser often.  I've found the second video explaining part of the problems with this woman.  It appears she may have once had a personal relationship with somebody and was somewhat of a woman scorned.  Her real name is "Donna" (I have yet to learn her last name.)  


There is a most dishonest purveyor of lies and disinformation out and about.  Her claimed name is "Queeny Cameron."  I rather suspect that is her pseudonym or "handle."  I've never spoken to her and so far I know very little about her, but I know she is dishonest to the extreme.  The chances that she is or ever has been a Christian are very, very remote.   Among the more interesting "facts" (none of them true)I've learned from her Youtubes are:

1.  Hillary Clinton considers me her enemy. 
2.  Constance Cumbey is an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton. 
3.  I am backed by Barack Obama and Hillary and Bill Clinton
4.  Chelsea Clinton introduced "my granddaughter" Madeline Cumbey.
5.  I borrowed a million dollars from somebody to oppose Benjamin Creme ads.
6.  Benjamin Creme appeared out of thin air and hypnotized me!

The stories are so ludicrous, I don't know which one to laugh at the loudest.  I saw Benjamin Creme, live in the flesh, at a evening where everybody had to buy tickets to get in the door of the Detroit Unity Center for Holistic Living.  It was held in the very large former Christian Science Church that Detroit Unity Church in Palmer Woods Park, Michigan had purchased for their various seminars and events.  The audience clearly appeared to be under mass hypnosis -- neither I nor several Christian observers I brought with me came under that unfortunate influence he obviously had on most of the rest of the audience.

The video where she makes these outrageous claims may be viewed by clicking here:

Madeline Cumbey is a fine young lady originally from the State of Indiana.  She is no blood relation to me, but she is a first cousin once removed of my son, Stephen Cumbey. That would make me a great aunt.  She has worked intensely on health and physical issues and has been honored by the State of Indiana and even nationally for her work.  She deserves all the credit she gets.  Her parents are fine Christian people who have interested their daughter in health and nutrition issues.  I met her only once -- at my mother-in-law's funeral in 2003.  Madeline was approximately 18 months then.  I would be honored to have her as a granddaughter, but such is not the case.  Until seeing the video with a blanked face, I did not know she had also received honors for her fitness, food, and gardening work.  Madeline's videos are featured by the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana, and I found them surfing on line -- not by family phone calls.

Until just a few weeks ago, I had never heard of Queeny Cameron.  I was looking for something else and stumbled upon one of her videos.  I was astounded to hear her claim I had "made millions."  Those of you who know me know I have truly done my work over the years on a shoestring and have supported myself by my modest law practice which has suffered greatly in finances, because I can't bill or charge for time I spend doing my equally time consuming work of staying abreast of the New Age Movement.

What is even more interesting to me is that her voice and phraseology about my heart felt congratulations to the British royals on April 29, 2011, for what appeared, in the large, to be a lovely Christian wedding ceremony, sounded identical to that of an active British pagan woman happily boasting that "Constance Clumsy" (her mocking reference to me) was wrong -- the royals were pagan, that voice happily and victoriously then said.   The phraseology and tone of voice were either the same voice, or very, very similar to the voice on the video below.

At any rate, it appears to me that same voice is now claiming to be a critical Christian telling extravagant lies and practicing the same big lie technique that Hitler used.  "Queeny Cameron" reminds me of a female Eustace Mullins -- with even less writing and speaking talent than that purveyor of Jew bashing enjoyed.  I once located a purported facebook page for her and left my phone number, suggesting she might want to fact check with me.  I never heard from her.  

Who is she?  Who is backing her?  I would appreciate your insights as well as prayers for me.  Years ago when I was young and running political campaigns, I could always tell when I was winning.  The opponents would circulate fantastic slanderous rumors.  I'm thankful that God has my back.  I must be doing something right.  It has been said that Satan lets sleeping dogs lie.

Interestingly, a top advisor to British royalty, Sir Martin Palmer, once wrote a book, COMING OF AGE, that gave me lots of unpleasant ink.  It was published by the unquestionably British New Age Aquarian Press.  I got even with him on the cheap with the following review of his book.  I am now so very happy to learn that I am "in like flynn" with the United States Presidency, leading hopefuls, and even British royalty.  Maybe that "ceremony" in my tongue in cheek review of Martin Palmer's book can be held in Buckingham Palace now.  For the record, here is my review of Martin Palmer's book which is posted over at

One needs a sense of humour as well as honest information to stay abreast of the New Age Movement by whatever current appellation is currently in vogue among its adherents. Martin Palmer claims to be knowledgeable. There is not a doubt in my mind that he knows far more about it than this reviewer -- FROM INSIDE -- a vantage point he vociferously denies under the covers of at least this particular book. That the information is accurate or honest is debatable! I found his book, 10 years newer than my own pioneering book on the subject, THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW, on the "50% off lowest advertised price" on the remainder table of a USA Barnes & Nobles bookstore. It did not escape my radar that the book was published by the unquestionably "New Age" Aquarian Press! Of course, he had little use for me. In fact, as I recall the reading, he said he had spent so much time on my book because it was the first book to come from "THAT STABLE OF CHRISTIANITY." Of course, since my Lord Jesus according to gospel accounts came from a stable, I'll take that as a sort of backhanded compliment. Now Martin Palmer, a reported advisor to Prince Philip, claims to head a trillion dollar environmental consortium -- churches' moneys, no less. Hug the trees, decimate the human population (anything else is "speciesism" no doubt), adore the rocks and crystals, recognize the god in all (except the actual creator), no doubt. Well, look upon the bright side, as the USA evangelical purveyors of disinformation acted by largely copying my work, while shaving the reported true dimensions of the New Age Movement (unlike the Catholics who at least to some extent admitted it had taken root in their institution and cleaned house by sweeping out Matthew Fox [too bad they missed Basil Pennington and Thomas Berry]) at least Palmer gave me lots of ink. Well, I suppose his less than flattering portrayal of my work means I have no realistic expectation of winning the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion. If I did, I suppose the reception would have to held somewhere other than Buckingham Palace and the prize given by someone other than Prince Philip. Well, c'est la vie. So glad it's God ultimately judging me and NOT Martin Palmer. He accused me of quoting from that most dangerous of biblical books, "THE BOOK OF REVELATION." Well, certainly he probably has not crossed that "dangerous" line of even reading it himself. Had he done so, he would have paused at the clear warnings of Revelation 14:6-9 before making such foolhardy statements: "FEAR GOD AND GIVE GLORY TO HIM FOR THE HOUR OF HIS JUDGMENT IS COME -- WORSHIP GOD WHO CREATED THE HEAVEN AND THE EARTH, THE SEAS AND THE FOUNTAINS OF WATERS. . ."
It seems Martin Palmer is worshipping just about everything and everybody but the good LORD who created all.
Oh, and one more thing. It was so very good of Martin Palmer to reveal that he and not John Paul II was the real culprit behind the ever so syncretistic Assisi Council of 1986. He says in this book that he organized same on behalf of Prince Philip. Thanks for the insights!
May God have mercy on the poor deluded soul of "Sir" Martin Palmer!

Stay in prayer and stay tuned, and remember to keep your sense of humor.  God gave it to us as a safety valve -- to help us stay sane!


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